Gothic Style======Window With Curtian

Here is my new post. I have used 3D Max and adob Photoshop,created for a game. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome...

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Welcome to My Blog

Hello everybody, this is my blog. Just want to share my art work with you all. Your
suggestions and comments will be helpful for me. I always want to do something new
and different.
What is different here?
Feel free you can give your comments.


This is a skull modeled in my free time. I always wanted to model a human skull When I started modeling realized that its not easy job.
First of all....
- Searched a lot of skull's images from internet
- Studied the anatomy of human skull
- Read so many tutorials about skull modeling
Almost after seven days, I felt its not only finish but now we are friends.
It gave me a wonderful smile.

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Striped Bass

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Railway Engine

From Environment Textures
This railway engine was made for a competition (theme was, railway scene) which held on a site and won 2nd place of the contest.
The work has created by 3Ds Max for modeling and Adobe Photoshop for texturing and I have used default scan line renderer for rendering.
Hope you like it.

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Head (Work in progress)

This model was made almost six months ago, and it's not complete yet. I hope will start texture on it as soon as possible, because have felt that this "HEAD" is little bit angry to me.
How I felt this fact?
One day he said to me:
Let me give you a piece of advice.
I said, Okay...
We should complete our work which we have started. Great men don't waste their time...he said.
I said, the future I will surely keep this in mind.

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Oil Lamp (Lantern)

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Art Beauty


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